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Pipework and Plumbing


Pipework and Plumbing

Moreau created its Pipework and Plumbing department early on in 1992.

We currently have more than 60 workers with thorough knowledge of residential, commercial or industrial plumbing, ready to assist in case of difficulty. Our hard-working management team is made up of project managers, including four mechanical engineers and several superintendents, who will ensure that you get the best quality service.


Our areas of expertise in this area

Industrial pipework

Over the last two decades, our teams of industrial pipefitters have worked on numerous large projects in Quebec, Ontario, Nunavut and even Alberta. These highly-qualified crews have developed safe and efficient work methods that will be applied to skillfully meet your requirements.

Our main areas of activity include mining construction work (specializing in oxygen, cyanide, SO2 and mining process systems), pulp & paper mill work (specializing in steam, thermal oil, hydraulic press oil systems, etc.) as well as pressure equipment work with high-pressure welding qualification (Quebec) and certifications from TSSA (Ontario) and ABSA (Alberta).

Residential, commercial and industrial plumbing

We carry out all types of plumbing work on private homes (new or under renovation), apartment buildings, and commercial and industrial buildings. Our vast inventory of plumbing equipment allows us to meet demand and to respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently. Whatever the nature of your expectations, this department provides on-call service from Monday to Friday.


The department also comprises a heating section developed by our team of specialists with 30 years of experience in the field. We install radiant heating systems for the residential and commercial sectors to meet your requirements.


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