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Manufacture of Storage Tanks and Mechanically Welded Assemblies


Manufacture of Storage Tanks and Mechanically Welded Assemblies

Our Val-d’Or branch focuses primarily on designing and manufacturing storage tanks.

The cutting-edge manufacturing workshop boasts sophisticated equipment, such as its 360° plasma beam cutter, as well as a plasma and fire cutting table and paint shop. With nearly 40 employees with a wide range of skills, the team is always ready to take on new challenges while working safely and according to standards within the protocols of ongoing improvement. From the drawing board to the raw product, the team of project managers and the machinists, welders (CWB), abrasive blasters and painters deliver a superior-quality finished product. We operate in the mining, forestry, and industrial sectors.


Our areas of expertise in this area

Shaft Steel

In conjunction with mining companies in Quebec and Ontario, our team has over time developed expertise in the fabrication of structural steel for mine shafts. Projects of this kind require Moreau’s rigorous, seasoned personnel with the know-how and dedication to comply with the health and safety standards of mining sites.

More than 40 workers

Storage Tanks

Tank manufacturing is a rare area of expertise in the manufacturing field, and therefore demands experienced workers and managers. With these resources at its disposal, Moreau, and specifically its Val-d’Or plant, is known in the industry as a reputable tank manufacturer. The company has manufactured more than 100 tanks for clients around the world.

More than 40 workers

Specialized Structures and Custom Manufacturing

Specialized structures and custom fabrication are part of our daily operations. Whether it’s secondary steel for a mining concentrator, a pump casing or a custom screen, there’s nothing our experienced team can’t handle.

More than 40 workers


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