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Insulation and Scaffolding


Insulation and Scaffolding

The insulation and scaffolding department was created in 2007 by a group of four individuals.

Thanks to their perseverance, the crew has grown steadily since becoming a part of the Moreau family. With over 40 skilled, full-time workers on our various job sites, this department is today considered a leader in its field. Led by people with more than 20 years of expertise and a constant desire to surpass themselves, there is no doubt that this department will be able to meet your needs efficiently.


Our areas of expertise in this area


Our insulation department works with a large inventory of materials and an extremely diverse range of products. We have our own fabrication shop that can be moved to the job site, which allows for custom adjustments – a considerable valued-added for clients.

Other services we provide are for pipework (above ground, underground, interior and exterior), ventilation ducts (interior and exterior), chimneys (interior and exterior), tanks of all shapes (interior or exterior) and prefabricated panels.

Service created in 2007
More than 40 workers


Our scaffolding team provides an engineering service to certify and seal scaffolding, including plans and assembly procedures when required. We are official distributors in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and the Nord-du-Québec region of Aluma/Safway, which is known worldwide, particularly for its Surelock system.

This relationship gives us access to a global inventory and a labour pool of 350 Quebec scaffolders who are ready to work. In addition to our extensive equipment inventory, we can supply tubular scaffolding and stair towers and floors (frame and rosette).

We are at the cutting edge of technology with our 3D drawing software with augmented reality.

Service created in 2007
More than 40 workers

Asbestos Removal

Our asbestos removal is done by a team trained in conformity with the latest regulatory guidelines. We re-insulate emptied attics and also have a specially equipped decontamination trailer that complies with current standards.

Our advanced solutions and methodologies, combined with our attention to detail, facilitate the work and help us achieve an unmatched level of performance.

Service created in 2007
More than 40 workers

Heat Shrink Covers (Shrinkwrap)

Our shrinkwrap service is appreciated by clients in need of industrial containment. We provide customized canvas and logo colours adaptable to differing needs and our installation methods are tailored to Abitibi’s climate conditions, ensuring superior durability.

Service created in 2007
More than 40 workers


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