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Mechanics, Structure and Boiler Making


Mechanics, Structure and Boiler Making

Our mechanical department was created in 2000 and has been continuously upgraded ever since.

About 10 years after being founded, Moreau added structural and boiler making services to the department to diversify the services. The committed team has completed numerous large projects in different provinces of Canada, particularly in the mining, forestry, hydroelectric, aluminum smelting and oil sands sectors. In the process, we have built up an unparalleled pan-Canadian workforce. The management team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, both in terms of experience and areas of specialization. Many of these key individuals have demonstrated their dedication and determination in this department since its inception, adding substantial value to the organization.


Our areas of expertise in this area


Our qualified mechanical team has developed safe and highly efficient working methods for a variety of sectors.

These include the installation, repair, and maintenance of surface and underground mining equipment (ball mills, crushers, agitators, conveyors, pumps, winches, filter presses, etc.), forestry equipment (pellet mills, paper mills, sawmills, etc.), and aluminum smelting equipment.

Steel Structures

Our steel framers are experienced in erecting commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. Close work with our crane service department creates a synergy that has contributed to the development of our expertise and safe working methods.

Whether the need involves structural steel or secondary steel, our deliverables always exceed expectations.

Boiler Making

Our boilermaker team assembles tanks. In constant communication with our Val-d’Or workshop, which specializes in manufacturing tanks, reservoirs and boilers, Moreau has manufactured and/or installed more than 100 units. We are always on the lookout for the latest tank technologies on the market to fine-tune our installation methods.

No matter what sector or type of tank you need, our expertise will be at your service throughout the project.


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