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Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), Alberta, Canada

Our client

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), Alberta, Canada

Horizon Project, Site-Phase 1

  • F018 – Module interconnections in C and E pipe racks
  • F035 – Removal and replacement of defective pipe in rack A
  • F042 – Module interconnections in pipe rack A;
  • F045 – Installation of heating cable and controls
  • F046 – Preparation of hydrostatic pressure tests of pipes
  • F047 – Installation and connections to the separator building
  • C401511 – Module interconnections between fingers and tanks
  • C401660 – Pipe fittings for the southeast tank farm
  • Sulfur line and block
Duration/Year 2006-2008
Scope 90 M$

Horizon Project, Site-Phase 2

  • Expansion of the sulphide recovery unit (2012)
  • Extension of the coking unit (2013)
  • Structural, mechanical and piping work on the N5000C: Thickness and underflow (2014–2015)
  • Cyclone building (2015)
  • Main piping rack modules (2016)
Duration/Year 2012-2016
Scope 195M$

Horizon Project, furnace retrofit

  • Replacement of the heating floor and burners
  • Installation of additional side burners with all piping, new platforms and all associated electrical and instrument work
  • Installation of additional tubes on the side walls of the oven 31A-F-1A and B

Duration/Year 2017
Scope 28M$


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