Temporary Workforce

Temporary specialized workforce :
More than 500,000 hours annually

Several factors can affect your performance. Whether they are related  to economic fluctuation or the reliability of your employees, these factors determine if you will enjoy a period of growth or be forced to slow down your activities. Several solutions are available to help you manage your human resources, including the option to hire temporary staff. This option allows you to fill a vacancy quickly and effectively.
Our company has created a database of competent candidates that is updated frequently in order to meet your needs within a short period of time. Because the specializations of these candidates are varied, we can find the appropriate candidate for the tasks you require.
To ensure the selection of a suitable candidate, our team is available for an information meeting to discuss your specific needs. A tour of your facility can also be organized in order to better understand all your requirements and provide the adequate workforce.
You will benefit from our continued monitoring  throughout the process, which will help identify any needed corrections or adjustments.

Your satisfaction is our priority. We will work with you at any time to reassess your needs.

Meet the deadlines
Meet the budget
Meet the highest standards in the industry
Meet the highest standards of health and safety
Respect the workers
Respect the customers
Respect the environment